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We created the Elevated Kitchen to further the art and science of high altitude baking. As you know, there are oodles of recipe sites on our wonderful world wide web. The Elevated Kitchen seeks to give a resource to all bakers, who live at or visit high altitude locations, by creating a database of recipes tested and perfected at various altitudes.

Baking, at all altitudes, requires exact measurements. Those same exact measurements required at lower altitudes change as you climb higher in altitude. As you’ll see in the recipes we’ve started with here, the changes can be subtle (as seen in the banana bread) or quite remarkable (as seen in the Cream Cheese Pound Cake.)

  • When starting out, try using recipes from a trusted source or that you know work at sea level. I’ve tried rescuing a flawed recipe and the result wasn’t pretty. No matter how hard I tried or how many adjustments I made, the recipe never worked well. The flaws in a recipe may not be very noticeable at sea level but they can become glaring at high altitude.
  • Also, please cite the original creator of the recipe. We believe in giving credit where credit is due and want this web site to be a welcome addition to all the recipe sites available on the web.
  • Lastly, once you’ve tested and adjusted a recipe please take a few minutes to add it the web site. Through our collective work, members of the Elevated Kitchen will be creating an invaluable resource for the high altitude baking community.


The Altitude Calculator- Find out How to Fix that Recipe! Try it now!

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Whether you’ve just started baking or have decided to make sure your kitchen is up to date, this list will help you with the basics required to bake in your high altitude kitchen!



“My mom made the cake with the changes from the Elevated Kitchen and it turned out wonderfully!! She is very happy with it and it tastes just as moist as it should. Thank you again for your help!”


“I made my Triple Chocolate cookies with changes from the Elevated Kitchen and they were so soft and fluffy. Best batch I’ve ever made! You rock Elevated Kitchen”

- SReardon